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Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:United States of America

all about me +
girl. eighteen. college. dork. dutch. books. languages. music. japanese. glasses. sister. liberal arts. korean. anime. art. french. friends. fandom. pretty boys. liberal. freshman. flute. easily amused. disney. band geek.
fandoms +
harry potter. lord of the rings. twilight. mercedes lackey. heroes. house. je. arashi. kanjani∞. kpop. dbsk. super junior. epik high. shinee. ss501. jrock. dir en grey. gazette. x japan. hide. yoshiki. hyde. gackt. moon chid. wang lee hom. jj lin. yida.
dreams +
to learn as many languages as possible (already fluent in english, know dutch and french, and am learning japanese!). to travel the world (4/7 continents down...). to have time to read. to get good grades. to study in japan junior year. to keep in touch with friends. to stay organized.
likes +
japanese. linguistics. ice cream. flowers. lemonade. friends. comedy. music. guitars. family. noodles. spiced cider. pretty boys. fun quotes. singing in the shower. google. movies. hot chocolate. musicals. driving. christmas music. chocolate of any kind.
dislikes +
bigots. politicians. brown. jocks. the letter g. bobby pins. sports. intolerance. loud people. stupidity. fire alarms. snow. dorm bathrooms. waking up. football. awkward silences. phone calls. orange. bad drivers.

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Am too lazy to stick this in the profile code, but! An update since I wrote it, as of 2010.09.05.

My name (not my real one) is Seery, and I'm a junior at Earlham College, in Indiana. Sort of. Earlham is my home school, I suppose you could say, but that goal of studying in Japan junior year? Has been accomplished. Go me! As in, I'm leaving for Tokyo in less than a week. I'll be at Waseda University, in its School of International Liberal Studies, aka SILS.

Going to Japan fits right in with my academics, too. I've been interested in Japan for years, and started trying to teach myself the language even before college. I was only able to take classes once I got to Earlham, though, so I only have two years under my belt. But I love the language, and I've discovered a love for comparative linguistics. My major is Japanese Studies with a language and linguistics focus, and my minor is history. Not sure what I want to do with my life yet, unfortunately. I'd love to translate, but my language abilities are far from ready.

Interests (7):

a shitton of japanese dramas, arashi, flute, harry potter, kanjani8, reading, tvxq
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